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Welcome to Disillusion! PvE-oriented Alliance guild working out on Scarshield Legion. Our main focus are raids. We managed to create a fun, member-driven community to progress through old and new raid content alike at our own pace. We're cheering good, friendly atmosphere over loot fever, insults and serious faces, yet keeping our performance on a decent level. Take a look at our forum for more information and apply by creating a thread in the recruitment section! Peace!

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Legion to BfA Raid Break.

by Anthro., 78 days ago


We were the light in the darkness, pushing back the Legion, and now our long struggle has come to an end.  It’s time for a well-earned break.


Antorus went very well for us.  Much like Tomb of Sargeras and The Nighthold we progressed painlessly, with minimal, really no, issues at all, learning new bosses, and tactics with ease (even if it took time to learn how to execute them with ease).  But more impressively we defeated the most challenging boss of them all – roster attrition and burnout.  And yet again I’d like to take time to thank everyone for contribution so much throughout the tier, and the expansion in particular.

Every single person deserves a thanks – so “Thank You”.  But some deserve a little special thanks: Zellie for jumping into a new role to help us cover our tanking woes; Dave for dropping out of a role he wanted to play (best class in WoW) to help us cover our healing woes, and for always making and providing feasts for months on end; Kim for always being the rock that helps hold things together, talking the difficult talks, being the /w complaint recipient and just generally being Kim;  Jack for being the unthanked summon bitch (even though he was mostly likely in need of the sum himself); Snuf for being the much appreciated tactics man, taking time to explain to that everyone understands, and coaching us through step by step as we go along – being the big hand holding chicken, and for persisting despite us not always listening, we know it’s an unpleasant task; Jealousy also for being a key organiser, helping arrange the details so we don’t have to and coordinate events each fight – really without you guys doing this we’d have to start thinking for ourselves!  Gormy for helping to make everyone rich…or himself (?)…does that count as a benefit to us all?  Jilian's spoon.  Joppe's car for getting him home fast that one time. Rosh and Bob for changes specs if and when we need.  And even Micky for making us laugh…does it still count if it’s at him?  (it’s with…(read *at*)). 

And really, whilst I’ve picked out a few people by name, I really do want to thank everyone for all the showing up, tanking, healing and damage.  We all do this together and couldn’t do it if it were not due to the efforts of everyone.

In fact Legion has been has been a pretty good expansion for us as a guild in general.  All to often by the end of long tiers, and especially at the end of expansions we’re really struggling to get a group together; and we’ve done well to keep participation high throughout each tier of Legion.  And this is due in part to the great new additions to our ranks, but particularly due to old heroes returning.  Not Illidan, but Disi’s founders.  Welcome back guys and girls.  Look Dave, we learned how to kill things without your “Hoopla”, “Engage” and especially “And, Sander.  Do.  Not.  Charge!”; …even without Adam’s special Hero sounds.

Of course, we had our stressful times, our angry voices and sad faces.  But not many, you could round it to zero.

We fought long, and hard.  So now is the time to relax.  A well earned, and much deserved holiday.  We hope you enjoy your time off, go watch the summer leaves grow, enjoy the sun – see and do whatever you enjoy doing with your time.  But remember to return in Battle for Azeroth.  Smelly Horde to kill.  Don’t forget about us.

Take time to disengage, recharge and rejuvenate.  But some back ready to pop those cooldowns and smack baddies in the face.  Maybe even be so relaxed you can check tactics before a fight?

We won’t jump into raiding immediately, like we never do.  Maybe a month or so (watch this space) after 8.0 launch.  So don’t feel like you need to rush to level or gear.  Take the start of the expansion to explore and adventure at your own pace.  But when the time comes, we’ll be here to jump back into things!


Again, big thank you, and congrats to everyone for your efforts and work all Legion.

It’s been great.


Enjoy your Holiday Disillusion!

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Mythic: Portal Keeper Hasbeen

by Anthro., 122 days ago

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