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PostPosted: 10/06/2017 20:09    Post subject:

A little break before the patch rolls around will be nice for everyone.  But, it would of been nice also to get a Tich kill as we were so close....


And on that note - this has been a fairly successful tier for us all, I think it may of been the furtherest we made it into a Mythic progression without the need to raid/merge with another guild. Apart from all the disgruntlement over tier right at the start it's been a fun raid.  Thanks to everyone for sticking around and helping us push through the bosses and nights.

I just can't believe that Erratic Metronome never dropped on a raid night. 

Thanks all, see you in ToS.

Aiyaná - Scarshield
PostPosted: 08/06/2017 7:26    Post subject: OFFICIAL RAID SUMMER BREAK TILL ToS!



It's time for our end of tier summer break guys! A lot of our core raiders aren't around at the moment anyway and I know a lot of raiders keep signing to fill spaces even though they need a break, so we won't have any more official raids til ToS, go out and enjoy the summer! GO! ENJOY!



Val will still be running the HC Weds and Normal Thurs raids, so if you need your raiding fix then GO! RAID! FIX!



Have a nice summer all =)

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