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PostPosted: 16/06/2017 8:12    Post subject:

Soon people soon.

Just to let everyone know - we decided to head straight into Heroic, and not into Normals as we typically would for a new tier.  So if you want to run normal first to get experience of the fights and maybe some new set pieces jump in Val's Normal run on the day before.

Additionally, we will reset EPGP as we typically do for each tier.  For those who don't know why it's to help balance looting fresh for the new tier, especially for new people who maybe accrued GP fast without much EP.  But, we will give a little bonus to those who keep playing and helping keeping numbers running throughout the previous tier.

We'll achieve this by decaying EPGP several times, >=90%, and the resetting GP.

See you in the new raid soon.  Check out tactics, and here's to a good wipe night!

PostPosted: 10/06/2017 20:15    Post subject: Tomb of Sargeras Patch 7.2.5 Arrives June 14


Obviously these dates are for US realms (taken from, so add a day for EU.


Raid Preview & Schedule: Tomb of Sargeras

Patch 7.2.5 Arrives June 14

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