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PostPosted: 17/06/2017 13:02    Post subject:


As I have said, we may be a little to full on healers at this very moment - but that may change over time if you'd rather switch over.  But for now a DH DPS could certainly be welcome.

If that's okay with you we can take you as DPS for now.

Please click the link "Click here to gain website membership" on our frontpage, under the Membership Widget, for forum access.

For an invite to the guild please poke AnthroDrakonisJilian,Saydra Zakali Zellíe or Miniaym. 

PostPosted: 17/06/2017 12:42    Post subject:

we might be a little tight on healer spots for mythic but i'd love a regular raiding DH....  *cough* darkness/spirit link combo still broken *cough*

PostPosted: 16/06/2017 15:22    Post subject:

Okay, that clarifies.  Well, as stated earlier we may be rather full on healers, but having a healer off spec with DPS could be very useful.

I'll vouch, it's a good time to join and start with a new fresh tier.

I'll just leave this open a little longer to give anyone else the time to see and comment if they wish.

PostPosted: 16/06/2017 8:37    Post subject:

Hello, yes this is confusing, since my DH is the most played character (can say my main), but druid is my PvE "main", and yes i play balance, also i am leveling a monk to heal currently, 

here is the link for my druid:


if you have any more questions and would like faster replies feel free to add me with battle tag (Luko#2400)

PostPosted: 16/06/2017 8:21    Post subject:

Hello, thanks for your application.

As Ishii has expressed, apologies for the slow replies - we have currently taken a short break to relax before the next tier opens, and I'm currently away from home myself.

It's a good time to join as we embark on new content.  But I'm a little confused regarding your application - you have applied on your DH but then state that you wan to heal on your druid?  Do you mean as a fulltime healer?

Last count we're content without healer numbers, but offspec healers are always very, very useful.  Do you have an offspec you can play on your druid?  DPS? 

PostPosted: 16/06/2017 3:05    Post subject:



Im sorry for slow reply. Its kind of summertime for most of us now Happy

Tomb is coming and looks like we will be in need of some healers indeed. 


I hope you will try to respect RP policy. Some of us either are or were active RPers.


Best regards and good luck with your application.


PostPosted: 14/06/2017 2:58    Post subject: Lukodari - Application [Accepted]

Yourself - General Information 
Age:  21, 22 this year
Sex:  Male
Location:  Hungary
Name:  Lukodari
Race: Night elf
Gender:  Male
Class:  Demon Hunter
Level:  110
Talent Built(Armory link please):  
1.Specific Information - (Start with question 1.1)  
1.1 Willing to respec (to another role)? 

No, tanking is not my thing, but i come with healer alts
1.2 Professions and their level:  
 Skinning 800, LW 534
2. Raid experience - (Start with question 2.1)  
2.1  Can you tell us about your previous raiding experiences? 
 Been leading raids in Wotlk on scarshield, doing some casual normals/heroics since then
2.2  Can you raid during our raid times? Usually 20:00 to 23:00. It descends and extends depending on our members. 
  Yes, usually i can
2.3 Our main raiding days are Thursday and Tuesday. How many raids a week are you willing to participate in and can you commit to those raids a couple of days upfront? 
 I am free on both nights, but i always can have real life social events, which i can inform the leader of
2.4 How would you describe your role in a raid? 
 Mediocore dps, since it is new to me, but i can always swap back to healing
2.5 How did you end up using the talent spec you have? 
 Well i have been inactive during my exams and it is still an old world questing talent tree, but it fits my preferences
2.6 What parts of your gear you like to upgrade? Do you have any specific upgrades in mind? 
 Anything at low-item level
2.7 What is your favourite raid experience so far? 

 Indeed the Lich King, and Ulduar, in ulduar especially the Algalon fight
3. Additional Information - (Start with question 3.1) 
3.1 It's important for us to make sure that our members will not violate any RP server rules, also means you cannot speak OOC (out of character) in RP chat channels, which are /s /y /e. Will you adhere to server policy? 
  I've been here on Scarshield since day 1, never RP-ed (RPPvP was long and looked cool as a kid), honestly i will probably keep violating the "chat policy" by typing in the wrong channel and wondering why no one have answered me.
3.2 Please read our Guild Information Chart and Raiding Policies. Can you accept them? 
3.3 How often (roughly) do you play WoW? (hours/day) 
Good question, as i am just coming back from a break, but since i have summer break a good 3+hours/day is a honest answer 
3.4 Do you share your account with anybody? 
3.5 Do you have an authenticator? 
3.6 What kind of addons do you use? 
 Dominos, DBM, World Quest List, Pawn, Bagon, Bagbrother, Cooldown Count, Gladius, Recount
3.7 What are your previous guilds and reasons for leaving them? 
  I was playing horde, and started alliance again in late WoD, joined Perplexed, and left this january, because a friend of mine started a guild and needed a helping hand from me as an officer (House Shadowshire), but since those kind of guilds usually fail, so did this one after 3 months, i took a break and left the guild, and now i am here
3.8 Why do you want to join the and what are your expectations? 
 Well mainly i saw your guild in the ingame guild browser, i liked that you are an old SSL guild, since my heart is beating for SSL, even tough most of my alliance characters are on Defias, because my hordies are on SSL
3.9 If you'd have a Tweety in Kinder Surprise, would you give it to Izzy? 
 Ofcourse i would, i am a kind guy
Thank you for applying and good luck. Anything else you would like to add? 

Yes, I applied as my Demon Hunter, but would like to participate as a healer if i can, currently i have a druid at max level, but i am planning on leveling all my healers up to 110 with these new heirlooms available finally, also i am an altoholic, so i hope i can bring my other 8-9 100+ toons with me, also i have a Warrior, Mage, Druid, Death Knight and Hunter at 110, and would be happy to use any, they just need some gearing