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PostPosted: 17/06/2017 17:29    Post subject:

Thank you for all the vouches, they make me feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy.


Just wrapping up some work these days, but will be poking for an invite first chance I get.



PostPosted: 17/06/2017 13:00    Post subject:


Please click the link "Click here to gain website membership" on our frontpage, under the Membership Widget, for forum access.

For an invite to the guild please poke AnthroDrakonisJilian,Saydra Zakali Zellíe or Miniaym. 

PostPosted: 17/06/2017 12:37    Post subject:



p.s. a half decent set of dps gear always useful for the heroic to mythic transition

PostPosted: 17/06/2017 9:26    Post subject:

No need for comments



Nuff said!


PostPosted: 17/06/2017 3:10    Post subject: Re: Baptista - Application

EverBap wrote:

Class:  Holy Paladin


And that is all i need to see! Vouch, need more for #Team Paladin


(also, you did break the forums  Needed to do some sneaky tweaking to remove the sneaky code from this quote too)

Aiyaná - Scarshield
PostPosted: 16/06/2017 22:50    Post subject: Re: Baptista - Application

EverBap wrote:

2.7 What is your favourite raid experience so far? 
Charging the boss with a fishing pole equipped springs to mind…the fact that this might have happened on more than one occasion probably makes it more of an amusing thing rather than my favourite raid experience. Still memorable though…sad times when Blizzard changed how Fishing works.  



Hey,  Underlight Angler  is a thing, you can make plenty more of those memories still!



Also vouch!



Edit: Your funny code has made it's way into the quote as well, Skynet is taking over!

PostPosted: 16/06/2017 15:42    Post subject:

 raids whit fishing pole !!! iv found my long lost Brother so BIG vote

PostPosted: 16/06/2017 15:21    Post subject:


Thanks for your application - your age answer was very funny.

I'm sure no one here will object...well maybe the other paladins and people on your tier token.  Just a work of warning, you'll either see Pala tier drop every raid, or maybe once the whole tier.

Def a vouch from me, but I'll leave this open in case anyone wants to comment.

PostPosted: 16/06/2017 14:45    Post subject:

Vouch for this guy! 

Please hold my hand! <3

PostPosted: 16/06/2017 14:34    Post subject: Baptista - Application [Accepted]

General Information

Age:  Ancient, as in I’ve more or less lost track, but pretty safe to assume I’ll beat most of you if not all. Fortunately I compensate for the physical decline by having a magical hip that can predict weather changes, can complain about the weather to no end, can lecture you all on how things were much better in the old days, and don’t get me started on the war (I forget which one).
Sex: Male
Location: Norway
Name:  Baptista
Race: Dwarf
Gender:  Male
Class:  Holy Paladin
Level:  110
Talent Built
1.1 Willing to respec (to another role)? 
Yes, although it might not be in your best interest. The sad truth is that I practically do more dps as Holy. I have dabbled a bit with Protection, mostly tanking M+ and the occasional raid when my guild was desperate enough. So, willing, yes, able to, an entirely different story.

1.2 Professions and their level:  
Enchanting: 758
Tailoring: 729
I have not been making an effort with my professions this expansion.

2. Raid experience
2.1  Can you tell us about your previous raiding experiences? 
To make a long story short – I have basically raided since Karazhan, either as a Hunter or Holy Paladin (or both during Wrath). Gave up dpsing midway through Firelands and have been healing on my Paladin ever since. Of more recent experience I cleared 10/13 HFC Mythic in collaboration with Disillusion, 7/7 EN Mythic and 1/3 ToV Mythic with The Typhoon Struggle. 

2.2  Can you raid during our raid times?
2.3 Our main raiding days are Thursday and Tuesday. How many raids a week are you willing to participate in and can you commit to those raids a couple of days upfront? 
My normal raiding schedule for as long as I can remember has always been three nights a week, and planning ahead at least a week at a time is absolutely no issue.

2.4 How would you describe your role in a raid? 
Depends what you mean. Being a Holy Paladin this expansion has seen us reverting a bit to our old classification as tank healers, which I have enjoyed greatly, especially during progress content. I am perfectly comfortable performing a number of tasks within the healing team, but having been both an officer and a guild master for way too long I am currently a happy drone and have no need to be in charge. Within the healing team I’m an active participant, and I consider it extremely important to make sure we utilise the strengths of the different healers, plan CDs, try new things when faced with challenging content and so on. The Healers are the backbone of any successful raid team after all. Or were you wondering whether I’d sing on TS? The answer to that is no, not even when seriously drunk.

2.5 How did you end up using the talent spec you have? 
A combination of different guides, trial and error and copying high performing players like Ishii (wouldn’t mind picking her brains to put it that way, still haven’t figured out how she can totally annihilate my HPS in that way).

2.6 What parts of your gear you like to upgrade? 
My overall Crit is still a bit low, I wouldn’t mind the Mythic version of the Tier cloak, and replacing the legendary neck-piece for an output one rather than a survival one couldn’t hurt, to mention a few.

2.7 What is your favourite raid experience so far? 
Charging the boss with a fishing pole equipped springs to mind…the fact that this might have happened on more than one occasion probably makes it more of an amusing thing rather than my favourite raid experience. Still memorable though…sad times when Blizzard changed how Fishing works.  

3. Additional Information
3.1 Will you adhere to server policy? 
Yes, while I have never felt a need to be active in the RP-aspect of this game one of my main reasons for choosing a RP-PVP server back in the days was simply to share the world with a slightly more mature crowd and avoid the worst spam in open channels. 

3.2 Please read our Guild Information Chart and Raiding Policies. Can you accept them? 
I do.

3.3 How often (roughly) do you play WoW? (hours/day) 
Depending on activity, work and such – most evenings of the week. 

3.4 Do you share your account with anybody? 
No, that is against Blizzard policies. One must follow the laws or Chaos will reign.

3.5 Do you have an authenticator? 
Several, feeling brave I have recently upgraded to the mobile one.

3.6 What kind of addons do you use? 

A lot of different ones, the one I am mocked the most for though is Healbot, which is the core of my raid frames. It has worked (most of the time) since TBC, and if it ain’t broke…
3.7 What are your previous guilds and reasons for leaving them? 
A fairly short list. Dogs of War and The Secret Society (Horde), then Prime before The Typhoon Struggle on Alliance side. For the last two guilds the story was more or less the same – people lost interest in the game, numbers dwindled, progress halted, raids started getting cancelled, or we started relying too heavily on pugs just to get something going.

3.8 Why do you want to join the Disillusion(?) and what are your expectations? 
I want to raid, and I would like to progress to Mythic with the same group of people in a friendly and something of a less-than-hard-core-but-not-100%-casual-either environment. I know Disillusion from our time together in HFC, not to mention bringing you that first-pull-first-kill on Spellblade (ok, I can’t take all of the credit, but I was there) and I have had a good time with you. Not to mention the fact that Cel recently joined your ranks, and let’s face it, he needs someone to hold his hand.

3.9 If you'd have a Tweety in Kinder Surprise, would you give it to Izzy? 
Tweety…did you know that back in the early 40’s Orson, which was Tweety’s original name…now you would think that he was named after Mr. Wells, who a few years before this character was created dazzled the world with the innovative adaptation of The War of the Worlds, which of course was written by Herbert George Wells, not Orson, who was really one to look to the future. That being Herbert, not Orson, because if Orson possessed the same insight he would have realised that the invasion of Czechoslovakia the very same year would signal the coming of…what was the question again?


PS. I have no idea why there is cryptic stuff at the very beginning of my application, I blame technology.