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re: Guild Information Chart


Welcome to Disillusion


PvE-oriented Alliance Guild working out on Scarshield Legion.
We've managed to create a fun, member-driven community to progress through old and new raid content alike at our own pace. We've been active for over 7 years now cheering good, friendly atmosphere over loot fever, insults and serious faces, yet keeping our performance on decent level.

There isn't going to be any pressure here to be the best of the best, and as long as we can progress steadily through the content with a mature and entertaining community, that's good enough for us.

We're raiding 2 days a week. Our main raiding days are Thursday and Tuesday. Starting always at 19:45 till 23:00 server time.


The following are a list of requirements to join the guild as a potential Raid Member:

1) Friendly, mature, people that want to enjoy the game the same way we do.
2) What classes we need can be found on the homepage of this site.
3) Gear and experience is not the most important factor. What matters is activity and the will to improve and progress. Knowing your class is essential though
4) New members should respect server RP rules. We’re coming out of RP guilds that were on the server for years and we’d like to support them.



Level 1 Dagger - Guild Leader
- Anthro

Legendary - Co-Guild Leaders

Epic - Guild Officers
- Jilian, Aiyana, Aym, Drakonis, Saydra and  Zakali.

Rare - Core Raiders, members who have been actively contributing to the guild over time, actively help other guildies, and who reliably and regularly participate in raids.
Core raiders are required to sign up for at least 2 raids per week. (Real Life takes precedence, of course)
If you feel unable to keep up raiding or feel like having a break, do say so. We may then demote you to a Social rank. You’ll still be allowed to sign here and there, but Core-raiders take precedence.

Uncommon - PvP rank, for those that prefers that kind of entertainment. People who often bring good name of Disillusion to the PvP-branch of the game.

Common - Social rank, members who simply enjoy being the part of our community, but not necessary have the time to contribute into raiding/PvPing

Poor - Trial rank for our new applicants.

Heirloom - Alts. 

Promoting is handled by Guild officers, based on their judgement. Trial period usually lasts around 3 weeks and is dependent on activity and performance during that time.
If you have any questions surrounding your trial or anyone else his/her trial please contact an officer through the forum.
Alternatively, if you want to come back to active raiding after a break or so, send a message to an Officer and you’ll soon have your rank back. Particularly in the case of the “Rare” rank, it’s usually administrative. We need the rank, to see how many raiders we can count on, if we need to recruit more and which class/role is properly represented.


Our primary form of Guild Communication will be done via the website. Please stay updated with all the changes, take part in discussions and have fun!

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