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re: Minniez (WW Monk) - Application [Closed]


Yourself - General Information 
Age:  17
Sex: Male
Location: Denmark
Name:  Minniez
Race: Night Elf
Gender:  Female
Class:  Monk
Level:  110
Talent Built(Armory link please):
1.Specific Information - (Start with question 1.1)  
1.1 Willing to respec (to another role)? 

I've always wanted to try off both healing and tanking, so I wouldn't mind respeccing at all. 

1.2 Professions and their level:  
 Mining - 772

Jewelcrafting - 752
2. Raid experience - (Start with question 2.1)  
2.1  Can you tell us about your previous raiding experiences? 
I've done some raiding with different guilds, but I've never really gotten that much into it because I used to lack the time to do it. 

2.2  Can you raid during our raid times? Usually 20:00 to 23:00. It descends and extends depending on our members. 

That seems to fit perfectly.
2.3 Our main raiding days are Thursday and Tuesday. How many raids a week are you willing to participate in and can you commit to those raids a couple of days upfront? 

I would prefer to raid on Thursday and Tuesday, because those are my days off, but Monday is also fine.
2.4 How would you describe your role in a raid? 

I never give up and I'm very good at staying focused and cool. I'll try my best to be supportive and cheer the raid up if people are starting to loose hope.
2.5 How did you end up using the talent spec you have? 

I started off doing PVP on this character, and I liked the windwalker play style because of it's high mobility.
2.6 What parts of your gear you like to upgrade? Do you have any specific upgrades in mind? 

I'd like to get my second legendary soon, but I would like to get an increase in ilvl overall.
2.7 What is your favourite raid experience so far? 

 I was in a guild back in WoD and we did the first raid, which was very fun and rewarding.
3. Additional Information - (Start with question 3.1) 
3.1 It's important for us to make sure that our members will not violate any RP server rules, also means you cannot speak OOC (out of character) in RP chat channels, which are /s /y /e. Will you adhere to server policy? 

Yes of course, I used to RP so I would never in my right mind disturb the policy.
3.2 Please read our Guild Information Chart and Raiding Policies. Can you accept them? 
Yes I can. 

3.3 How often (roughly) do you play WoW? (hours/day) 

I usually everday with some exceptions ofc. When I play, I play around 6-7 hours maybe - it all really depends on what I've going on in my life at that time.
3.4 Do you share your account with anybody? 

3.5 Do you have an authenticator? 


3.6 What kind of addons do you use? 

I use Skada, Bartender 4, DBmod, Angry Keystones and MythicPlusTimer.

3.7 What are your previous guilds and reasons for leaving them? 
All the raiding guild I've been in spilt up because of drama between some of the member. I had nothing to do with it.  

3.8 Why do you want to join the and what are your expectations? 

I want to join because I finally have the time to get into raiding and I miss having a guild. My expectations are to have fun whilst progressing in raids. I also hope to make some good friends, who will help make playing the game a lot more entertaining.

3.9 If you'd have a Tweety in Kinder Surprise, would you give it to Izzy? 

Hmm, I do like Tweety.

Thank you for applying and good luck. Anything else you would like to add? 

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re: Minniez (WW Monk) - Application [Closed]


Greetings Minniez and welcome to our forums.
Thank you for writing your application to our guild!

I like the answers to our questions. They're well filled out!
Though I do have to admit that, in the past, we've had some bad luck with allowing minors into our guild.
We're by no means a babysitting guild and coarse language may be used in Guild chat, but also our Voice Chat.
We want you to realise that before deciding to join our guild.

I don't want to come across as negative or rude. Merely stating some things :)
On the other side of bad examples, we've also had good examples of minors.

Good luck on your application. We'll leave it open for a bit more, to allow others to have their say.

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re: Minniez (WW Monk) - Application [Closed]


Hello, thanks for you application

As Drakonis has said, you're application is nicely answered.

But I'm too sure about this application, we're currently progressing Mythic Nighthold, and your gear is really low.  Is this a new toon?  Because it should be quite reasonable for a character to be ilevel 900+ without guild runs, just by playing and gearing individually through pugs and mythic+.  And I note you only have one legendary equipped, and your gear is lacking enchants/gems.

What are your current Artifact Knowledge and Power levels?

My main concerns is your level of gear and how quickly it would take to have you at a level where you could join Mythic with us, but if you'd like to join and be social, and run our gearup runs you could possibly join us for raiding when Tome is released?



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re: Minniez (WW Monk) - Application [Closed]




Thank you for application.

About the gear lvl. Its really not that hard now to get some gear, we also got some heroic runs going in some days right? People coming on alts etc. Its also easy to get some ilvls with nethershards and while doing mythic+ but most of all..


..I like the answer on 3.9 the most image


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re: Minniez (WW Monk) - Application [Closed]


17 is a bit young but then again the danish in general are no fools. One reason we dont allow minors is because of useless drama in the past. Our guild is diverse, we have parents with young children, we have old farts, we have collage goers and we are from all over europe. The main thing is we respect each other and we do not make a fuzz when things dont seem to go our way. A lot of us have full time jobs and play to relax and progress. 

I am fine to give you a trial and see how it works out and prepared to give you time to level up. I agree with Drakonis concerns and if you become a social member, you can take your time in getting better gear and to get to know the guild better. 


oh and dont get too excited by Zakali's warning about coarse language, its pretty tame :)

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