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re: Workharder-recruitment


Hello,my name is Bogdan(male)and i live in Romania.I'm 18(last year of highschool),and i can tell you that i am a super calm person and i enjoy spending time with quality persons.Well my hobbies are wo longboarding and gym. :P


Now more serious stuff

Armory link:


I am willing to respec;mained windwalker for a long time but found out that healing suits me better

Proffesions:Skinning maxed out (about to switch to herbalism) leatherworking(kinda low-switching to mining).I want to become a gatherer

Riding experiences:I used to raid with my guild a lot and do mythic + before they changed realm,but i didnt want to leave my irl friend alone.Since then (about 5 months) a lot of pugs-that taught me patience

Yes i can raid then:P

Well i can raid anyday during holidays and maybe 1 time a week max 2 during school-keepimg those marks high(just like hps lmao)

Mhm,i remember it started in early legion when i tried to respec as heal because of the extra end dungeon reward but i found out it was more fun that dps.

I desperately need to desperately upgrade 1 trinket (maybe velens would be sweet);stats over ilvl.

I loved Emerald nightmare <3

Aditional info

3.1 I adhere to server politicy

3.2 I do

3.3 Maybe 4 hours everyday during holidays,school time 1 hour or so during the week,3 weekends or more

3.4 No

3.5 Yes

 3.6 Elvui;Tmw;Dbm;Skada

  3.7 Banned-reason-they changed realm

 3.8 I want to join so i can meet new people and play with some quality people,i expect to have fun and nuke down bosses together

3.9I dont know who is Izzy,buuuuuuuuuuut if he/she asks nicely i will :D

Nothing more to add hope you will let me join you to have fun together and thank you for your time.Almost forgot,i have quit legion for about 3 months because i didnt enjoy the comunity and felt that i had needed a break because my guildiez switched but i recovered really really fast(artifact power and ilvl etc) and this is why i am looking for some mates so play and have fun :P

Thank you for your time and good luck with dem mytics+ and raids :p


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re: Workharder-recruitment


Greetings to our Forums and thanks for Contacting us with your Application.
Though you didn't fill out the form we provided with Copy Paste, you did answer all the questions therein.

Hmm, first we had an influx from Dutchies, followed by English and Fins... now it's Romanian people.

Right now, we have a few healers that prefer to DPS, and other way around, so possibly we could have more use for an extra Healer in the Team.
Will let this application stand here for a bit more, to allow others to have their say.

Best of luck! :)

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re: Workharder-recruitment



thanks for your application.  We're rather full on healers at the moment; are you able or willing to DPS?  Additionally your gear is rather low for Heroic Tomb progression - what is your current AP level?


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