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re: Read before applying!



Disillusion aims to provide a fun raiding experience for all of our members. Our primary focus is to raid but we also take in social members. We're raiding 2 days a week (Thursday and Tuesday) starting at 19:45 till 23:00. We expect our members to show the minimum of dedication, that you have at least checked the boss tactics once, and have general idea what the fight is about, you always come prepared for raids, equipped with consumables and know your class to a decent level.

Please note that gear and experience is not everything and we can help you get it. Above everything else we're looking for a player not a toon. 

Also note that if you are going somewhere (holiday etc) right after you are accepted for trial, make sure you let us know! Inactive trialists will be removed from the guild.


1. Cut & Paste the template from the code segment below into your post. 

2. Fill in the form, where applicable giving as much information as possible.

3. Preview your post! better to correct your own mistakes than us try to decipher them.



Yourself - General Information 
Talent Built(Armory link please):  
1.Specific Information - (Start with question 1.1)  
1.1 Willing to respec (to another role)? 

1.2 Professions and their level:  
2. Raid experience - (Start with question 2.1)  
2.1  Can you tell us about your previous raiding experiences? 
2.2  Can you raid during our raid times? Usually 20:00 to 23:00. It descends and extends depending on our members. 
2.3 Our main raiding days are Thursday and Tuesday. How many raids a week are you willing to participate in and can you commit to those raids a couple of days upfront? 
2.4 How would you describe your role in a raid? 
2.5 How did you end up using the talent spec you have? 
2.6 What parts of your gear you like to upgrade? Do you have any specific upgrades in mind? 
2.7 What is your favourite raid experience so far? 

3. Additional Information - (Start with question 3.1) 
3.1 It's important for us to make sure that our members will not violate any RP server rules, also means you cannot speak OOC (out of character) in RP chat channels, which are /s /y /e. Will you adhere to server policy? 
3.2 Please read our Guild Information Chart and Raiding Policies. Can you accept them? 
3.3 How often (roughly) do you play WoW? (hours/day) 
3.4 Do you share your account with anybody? 
3.5 Do you have an authenticator? 
3.6 What kind of addons do you use? 
3.7 What are your previous guilds and reasons for leaving them? 
3.8 Why do you want to join the and what are your expectations? 
3.9 If you'd have a Tweety in Kinder Surprise, would you give it to Izzy? 
Thank you for applying and good luck. Anything else you would like to add? 

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